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I came across an interesting video from Meta-Media that discusses the role of viral video and Internet phenomena.  It illustrates how the Internet, like any other communication technology, is influenced by existing technologies.  It also discusses the the contested space of private and public interest in media content published online.  You can watch it here.

Ze on Ugly


Ze Frank, the hardest working man on the Internet, has done a great job of discussing how user-created media is challenging the standards created by traditional media. You can watch it here. On June 30th, 2006, Ze announced the “I Knows Me Some Ugly: Myspace Showdown” and challenged his viewers to create the ugliest myspace […]

A couple of weeks ago on The Colbert Report there was a piece about George Lucas that include Stephen wielding a light-saber in front of green screen. The bit poked fun at the Star Wars Kid, a viral video from a few years back that has also been mocked elsewhere in popular culture, including the […]

Richard and his Wife, at The Richard Show, have made a pretty informative video that illustrates what’s at stake regarding the issue of Net Neutrality. While Richard’s discussion addresses issues relevant to the Internet users in the United States, it’s still worthwhile for Canadians like myself to understand what’s going on – it’s already an […]



Hello. For at least the next year, this is site will be my online notebook. I’m a graduate student studying in Montreal, Quebec. My research interests are in the area of video blogging, online video distribution, user-created content, and citizen’s journalism. I’m also interested in online phenomena in general and trying to figure out how […]