Stephen Colbert Green Screen Challenge


A couple of weeks ago on The Colbert Report there was a piece about George Lucas that include Stephen wielding a light-saber in front of green screen. The bit poked fun at the Star Wars Kid, a viral video from a few years back that has also been mocked elsewhere in popular culture, including the television show, Arrested Development.

Because the original footage included Stephen in front of green screen, Internet users were easily able to manipulate the images and insert their own graphics. I don’t know if the green screen was left to simply be a comedic gag or if it was done intentionally by the show’s writers as a way to interact with the online community. Regardless, the show has embraced the online activity, not caring that their footage is being shown on YouTube. They’ve even announced the Stephen Colbert Green Screen Challenge and have posted the original source footage so you can make your own video.

It’s an interesting example of user-created media having an influence on popular/traditional/corporate media.



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