Creative Commons Licenses


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In distributing your media online, it’s important to consider the way you want your media to be legaly used in the future. Of course, if you’re not in the position to employ a team of lawyers, it’s very difficult to protect your content from being used illegally. However, Creative Commons Licenses are a way to allow your media to be used by others and still retain some control over how it is used.

There are different types of licenses that you can choose to attribute to your content. Each type of license provides basic rights, such as the right to distribute the copyrighted work on file sharing networks. However, the type of licence you give your content depends on the selection of four conditions:

  • Attribution:This means that whoever uses your video in the future must give you, the original artist credit.
  • NonCommercial: This allows others to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work or any derivative works, but they can only do so for non-commerical purpuse (they can’t make a profit off of it).
  • No Derivative Works or NoDerivs: This allows others to copy, distribute, display and perform only verbatim copies of the work, not derivative works based upon it (they can’t modify your orignal work).
  • ShareAlike: This allows others to distribute derivative works, but they can only do so if they use a license identical to the license that governs your work.

There are six regularly used licenses:

  1. Attribution alone (by)
  2. Attribution + Noncommercial (by-nc)
  3. Attribution + NoDerivs (by-nd)
  4. Attribution + ShareAlike (by-sa)
  5. Attribution + Noncommercial + NoDerivs (by-nc-nd)
  6. Attribution + Noncommercial + ShareAlike (by-nc-sa)

Creative Commons licenses are currently recognized in 31 different jurisdictions worldwide, with nine others under development. For more information, visit


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