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Ze Frank always helps put things in perspective…watch him here. In distributing your media online, it’s important to consider the way you want your media to be legaly used in the future. Of course, if you’re not in the position to employ a team of lawyers, it’s very difficult to protect your content from being […]

There are a several different websites providing services which allow you to host your video online for free. Some of these sites have different features which set them apart and they all seem to attract differnt types of video content. What follows is a brief summary of a few of the services available to help […]

Network 2.0


On his blog at the end of August, Jeff Pulver, co-founder of Vonage and creator of Free World Dial-Up, published a guide to “TV Shows Only Available on the Net”.  It’s definetly worth checking out.  However, a week later he released Network 2.0, a collection of RSS feeds that allows you to watch many of […]

I came across an interesting video from Meta-Media that discusses the role of viral video and Internet phenomena.  It illustrates how the Internet, like any other communication technology, is influenced by existing technologies.  It also discusses the the contested space of private and public interest in media content published online.  You can watch it here.

Ze on Ugly


Ze Frank, the hardest working man on the Internet, has done a great job of discussing how user-created media is challenging the standards created by traditional media. You can watch it here. On June 30th, 2006, Ze announced the “I Knows Me Some Ugly: Myspace Showdown” and challenged his viewers to create the ugliest myspace […]

A couple of weeks ago on The Colbert Report there was a piece about George Lucas that include Stephen wielding a light-saber in front of green screen. The bit poked fun at the Star Wars Kid, a viral video from a few years back that has also been mocked elsewhere in popular culture, including the […]