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In many ways, I think that online video has been strong influenced by its predecessors, television and film. Of course, most people who are creating online video content are part of a generation that grew up on television and film, so in a sense, it’s seems natural. I’m going to discuss this in more depth in the future, but for now I’m hoping to identify some of the trends in online video.

Webcam: Too many to list…

Webcam (scripted): Geriatric1927,
Webcam (scripted and edited): ZeFrank, Lonelygirl15, Minouye
Citizen’s Journalist: XOLO, Josh Wolf,

“Vlogger”: Josh Leo, Ryanne’s Video Blog,

Moment Showing:
Talking Head: Geek Brief

Narrative: The Burg
Popular News: Rocketboom

On-Location News – Command N (on location), XOLO.TV, Steve Garfield’s Vlog Soup, Geek Entertainment Television,


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